Skwiik started around 3 years ago with an eager minded founder and creator looking to share her creations. We spent a few years trying to navigate the beauty world with minimal branding and straight-forward formulations as we thought it would be easier to digest.

As the years went on, we felt as if we weren't being true to ourselves and who we are as people creatively, and even sustainably. So we had an incredible re-brand by an amazing local designer, insert Erin Lawrence Design! She made our 90's, pastel, drippy vibes come true and represented us as people.

We also made some changes to our packaging with using less and less plastic and we are always striving to analyze where we can do better in terms of sustainability. It's not just the branding and packaging that we changed, we also have new formulations (that are to die for), cool new products, and even more on the horizon.

We would love to hear from you! It would mean the world to us if you could give us some feedback or reviews on our products.

We hope you love all the changes like we do!